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Peak Seasonal Water Use

As the days get longer and summer settles in, you may notice an increase in mosquitoes and sunburns – as well as outdoor water use. “Peak water use” describes the time of year when water use is at its highest, which usually occurs in early August, depending on where you live. Peak seasonal water use is typically three to five times as much as winter water use. It’s a great time to find new ways to save water indoors and out.

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EPA WaterSense Certification

WaterSense partner logoLandscape irrigation professionals who specialize in water-efficient irrigation can seek national certification to validate their knowledge, experience and skill. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created the WaterSense® Partner label for contractors and irrigation specialists who have undergone special training on water efficiency.

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Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvest and reuse at a master planned communityRainwater harvesting techniques are growing in popularity as concerns increase over water supplies. Rainwater differs from stormwater, insofar as rainwater is collected from a roof or other surface before it reaches the ground. The many benefits of water reuse include: improved ground water quality and quantity, increased ground water tables, reduced strain on other water supplies, improved sensitivity to and connection with natural water cycles, reduced water costs, reduce flood flows, reduced top soil loss, and improved plant growth.

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